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Cold wallet storage

All but a very small amount of deposits is stored in an offline and encrypted cold-storage wallet

Fast and Secure

All of user data is encrypted in the database, with tamper-proof-hashed orders, transactions and addresses. Fully AES-encrypted API!


Mobile-friendly. Fast deposits and instant withdrawals! low fees and no fees on deposits!

Heavy Duty

Unlimited scalability allows us to serve any amount of users on any number of markets at any time, with encrypted inter-connections between servers, we are able to deliver more than 1000 trades per second for each market pair


Our sytem is built and hosted in-house, keeping your data safe from access by 3rd party hosting providers.
our picked team of blockchain experts and security analysts use their 10+ years of experience to ensure your safety.

Unlimited opportunities

With 50+ trading pairs (and growing) you have more options and chances to grow your portfolio utilising our tools to the fullest extent!

Network Protection

Unlike other exchanges, All communication with our system is routed safely (fully encrypted without SSL compromise) through multiple servers around the globe for DDoS protection, followed by heavy filtering through our own WAF system that is used by many popular DDoS and traffic protection services around the globe! We do not endorse using services like CloudFlare as their model allows them to spy on all the traffic between the user and the exchange (ssl compromise) thus we use our own protection system!