About Start Exchange

About Start Exchange


Yet another exchange, packed with security and speed, aimed for better experience for traders through lightning fast operations, easy and fast orders, deposits and withdrawals.


Our platform is a compiled system, vastly scalable, fast (each pair is tested up to 1000 trades per second) and all the data is encrypted to ensure maximum security even in the case of breach.


  • Encrypted addresses, no one can change them even if give access to the database.
  • Encrypted connections between all sub-services.
  • Cold-wallets created offline that store the vast majority of the coins. inaccessible even in the case of a breach.
  • Encrypted A.P.I to protect your request from spying eyes, or from replying your requests.
  • 2FA or Email confirmations for all critical operations regarding your account.


We are aiming to please our users with flawless performance and ease of use based on our experiene with current platforms. So we are aiming for:

  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Light-speed trading, no more progress bars.
  • Mobile friendly (you're not around a computer 24/7)
  • Automation features (coming soon - to help you manage your trades/deposits/withdrawals while you're asleep)
  • Quick support