Coin listing

Listing and Delisting

Listing and Delisting
Pre-Listing requirements
  • At least 500 real users in Discord
  • At least 100 real followers in Twitter (will be checked)
  • Developer has to be in our special discord group. (request to join through our discord channel)
  • Listing under LTC, GBX and DOGE is free
  • Listing under BTC and Dash with special requirements.
  • Clean Github commits and a "development" branch. pushing broken/untested code to the master branch will result in your coin de-listing.
  • Non-token coins only, if your coin is not mine-able and/or have a lot of premine, it will not be listed.
  • Once you meet all above requirements, before submitting:
    • Announce listing on our exchange on Discord
    • Announce listing on our exchange on Twitter (with 50 retweets)
    • Announce listing on our exchange in your bitcointalk main post
Listing information
Please answer the following questions and submit the answers in a support ticket via a registered account:
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Ticket title: “New coin listing [TICKER_NAME]”
  • Are you the coin developer or a member of the team? (only coin team are allowed to list their coins)
  • Which coin are you forked from (BTC / DASH / LTC / DOGE) please specify the root - We temporarily do not support ETH/XMR forks
  • Official coin name
  • Official ticker code (btc/dash/ltc …)
  • Link to Github
  • Link to ubuntu-18 build instructions
  • What is the daemon name? (ex: bitcoind) and the configutration directoy (ex: .bitcoin)
  • Link to your Discord server
  • Link to your Twitter account
  • Link to 64x64 PNG icon with transparent background - any other size will be rejected.
  • Markets desired (BTC, DASH, GBX, DOGE or LTC)
  • Which exchanges are you listed/planning to get listed on
  • Link to bitcointalk announcement post
Your coins will be delisted if:
  • Weekly volume less than 0.1 BTC
  • Wallet fails to build (we do automatic build and unit testing + RPC tests + Network monitoring-sniffing from github)
  • Wallet have malicious code (all wallets and commits are checked prior to deploying on a separate server)
  • Wallet is using too much CPU / RAM (Max allowed RAM is 5 GB for blockchains larger than 100gb)
  • Wallet de-syncs often or gets corrupted
  • High min-tx-fee or relay-fee
  • We do have experts who will evaluate your team and your code. Scam coins or dump coins will not be listed and/or will be delisted immediately
  • All coins that are to be delisted will have 2 weeks only after the delisting-announcement to withdraw the coins.